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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Have you ever wondered why some sites turn up at the top of a search result while others are buried 10, 20 or 100 pages down? It is because some sites are not search engine friendly. Organic Search Engine Marketing is an effective strategy that results in competitive rankings for your site – leading to increased targeted traffic. Unlike Paid Search Engine Marketing, Organic Search Engine Marketing will help your site be ranked in the search results rather than the paid links section.

Search engine marketing delivers ongoing ROI

Sure, it is good to get some quick wins and early traffic to your site and Paid Search, provides this.  In order to run and win in the longer race you need strategic, sustained and quality search marketing. WSI Consultants are trained and certified in advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to deliver continued results and ROI on your online marketing expense.What is it that your business needs to market effectively online and enhance your revenues significantly? Whatever you are missing, your WSI Internet Marketing Consultant can help you analyze your business needs and guide you toward an appropriate Search Engine Marketing (SEM)strategy. To help you move your business to the next level, WSI can provide you with a comprehensive mix of SEM tools and techniques including integration of search and social media marketing.


SEO has been around for a while now, so most savvy business owners have dabbled in SEO in an effort to increase site traffic organically.  What you may not know is how to go about creating properly optimized content in light of all the many algorithm changes made by Google in the past few years.  My blog on Basic SEO Tips can help you with the basics of SEO, but in reality, you need an expert to provide an effective SEO strategy that integrates both search optimization and social media optimization and gives your business a roadmap to the top of the SERPs, Search Engine Results Pages, starting with content marketing.

Content Marketing

Never before has quality content been so important.  It not only provides value to your customers, but also satisfies the search engine algorithm requirements.  Google is constantly updating algorithms and is penalizing old SEO practices such as keyword stuffing and link-building.  These changes have forced businesses to provide a website that is full of truly engaging content, such as videos, blogs, photos and whitepapers, that their customers will find valuable.  The most recent Hummingbird update changed search by providing inferential search results in order to cater to voice search used by mobile searchers.  Add Google Maps and Carousel results to the mix and you’ve got business asking the same question, “How do I get my site on the top of the SERPs, on the Google Carousel, or on Google Map results?”   The answer is: With search engine optimized content, such as blogs, videos, and whitepapers all strategically integrated with social sharing!

As search engines refine their algorithms and place greater importance on useful, meaningful, well-written copy that is SEO-friendly, the savvy Internet marketers like those led by WSI Consultants, are winning with words! You can too. Call your WSI Consultant today to find out how your Web content can be polished up to drive good search results and quality conversions.

Paid Search Marketing

Wouldn’t it be nice if your site appeared when someone searched for your product/service online? Wouldn’t you like to lower the cost of getting new customers? The best way to find new customers is to make sure they can find you when they are ready to purchase your product or service.

Paid Search Marketing helps you reach targeted leads that will be funneled to your website instead of your competitor’s. How does it work? When someone searches for keywords specific to your business, your site will appear high up in the paid sponsors’ section of the search engine. This means that visitors searching for your products or service can easily find your business, resulting in an increase in targeted traffic to your site – people who are interested in purchasing your offering – immediately.

Paid Search Marketing is so cost effective, everyone can do it…but do it right!

In fact, people could be searching for what you offer right now! The key is to know exactly what keywords they are using to search. WSI’s Internet Marketing Consultants can develop a professional Keyword Analysis Report that can be used to create a targeted Paid Search Marketing campaign for your business. This involves setting up, managing and monitoring the results of a Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign.

Think of it like a food court in a shopping mall. Shoppers walking around the food stalls are obviously looking to whet their appetites. Every food chain present there can potentially satisfy them. But a person looking for Sushi will head to the Oriental place rather than the one selling burgers. And if he gets a nice combo deal, he may end up with some Tempura and Green Tea alongside the Sushi. Food for thought…what is the point we are trying to make here?

A Web user is even more complex than the offline mall shopper.He does not go online and search for “city + restaurant” anymore. Instead he would search “suburb / area code + Sushi”, if that’s what heis looking for. It would take work and sustained effort for a Sushi restaurant to come up high in the natural or organic search listings. However, there is some prime real estate online, on top of the organic listings and to the right of the browser screen under ‘Sponsored Links’. That’s where an attention-grabbing Pay-per-Click ad like, “Best Sushi in Downtown Houston! So they can see you have great taste!” can drive targeted traffic to your restaurant site.

Don’t pay if they don’t click

What happens if the prospect doesn’t click on your ad? Well, you don’t pay for your ad to simply show up in the right place. You only pay a few cents if someone actually does click and go to your site or landing page. So you don’t have to worry that your ad will show up and get wasted clicks from someone searching for “bookstore in Downtown Houston”, for example.

A WSI Consultant can help you with Paid Search Marketing and offer value added tracking tools to make sure you know where every penny is spent and what it brings back to your business. PPC campaigns can be set up to direct traffic to a specific landing page or to calls to a single phone number (preferably toll free). That way, you can track the results of your campaign and enhance it periodically to get the best results. Call now for your PPC roll out!

Display Ads

Display advertising is another form of paid online advertising that serves targeted ads in various media formats on websites to increase brand awareness, drive site traffic and create conversions.  My blog on Display Ads can help you understand the basics of display advertising as an online marketing strategy and some of the ways ads can be targeted, such as contextual targeting, retargeting, demographic targeting and geo-targeting.  These targeting methods and recent advancements such as Real-Time Bidding, or RTB have made display advertising a more affordable and effective online marketing strategy than ever before.  RTB is the programmatic method of bidding on and buying ad impressions in real time.  These targeted ads are served to your selected customers on websites enticing them to take your desired action.  Google recently enhanced the process further by charging your business only if your ad has a high likelihood of being seen (impression) based on where the searcher was on the website.  Like PPC campaigns, Display Ad campaigns can provide instant, measurable results for your business.