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It is a fact that video helps to communicate a message. In this way video can help businesses increase brand awareness, create buzz and increase sales. Online video is one of the marketing approaches that promise the greatest return on investment. Video offers a better view of products, service capabilities, and in general make statements that are much bolder than most marketing methods. Yet, for most decision-makers, the question for any marketing strategy is why do it? Is there a return on investing in the marketing strategy? It is no different with Video Marketing.

There are a few numbers (Animoto) regarding the impact of video marketing on potential customers:

  • 73% are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video
  • 96% say online videos are helpful when making purchasing decisions
  • 71% say watching online video content leaves them with a positive impression of the brand, service or company

The top eight most challenging obstacles to achieving important video marketing objectives are recently identified:

With the exception “Lack of Budget”, WSI is focused on excelling in overcoming 7 of the 8 most challenging obstacles. And, with this creating incentive and data to overcome the 8th challenge of “Lack of Budget”.

WSI creates compelling content, developing concepts, scenarios and even writing scripts for your video marketing initiatives. Our analytics methodology not only tracks usage of the video marketing, we use it to calculate ROI; thereby, identifying clear monetary incentive for your business to engage in video marketing. With WSI resources, the lack of in-house resources becomes a non-issue. WSI can do an in-house video for marketing; or, set up a studio with director, lighting and multiple camera personnel. These resources produce all levels of quality video from studio-level commercial video to internet grade video that is great for sites, email and social channels.

One of the most powerful areas where WSI excels is in developing and effective marketing strategy that includes as a key component video marketing. It is not enough to create great video and an excellent marketing strategy to utilize the video. It has to be distributed. Syndicating video content is a large part of how WSI generates value for clients. All of the syndicating and distribution channels can be utilized with WSI’s know-how and strategic alliances that stretch across the globe. Utilizing video in email, video platforms, branded sites, campaign landing pages, social networks, branded blogs is a part of the WSI video marketing strategy and initiatives.

With the examples from experience data and testimony of from clients, WSI helps to create buy-in at all corners of your organization. Contact Us Today. Let’s discuss utilizing the power of video marketing for your company.