design1Website design is evolving?and it?s all happening right before our eyes.  It started back in 2007 with the very first iPhone.  Could anyone have predicted back then the change that one device could bring?  Today, smartphones are everywhere with everyone.  From Grandparents to 10 year olds, people of all ages have their noses aimed at a bright shiny screen.  Increasingly, that screen is varying in size as smartphones evolve and tablets begin to dominate the marketplace.  In fact, according to recent information from Techcrunch, worldwide tablet shipments are expected to grow 53.4% while traditional PC sales decline 11.2% this year.nnWe are becoming a mobile society and if you are not serving your great content, fully optimized for this huge mobile segment, your business is certain to suffer. Emarketer predicts that mobile commerce, or Mcommerce sales will reach $41.68 billion this year, and by 2017 that figure more than doubles to an estimated $113.57 billion.nnToday, businesses need to keep up with all the web design trends and implement certain changes to keep up with the competition.  Let?s take a look at the new gold standard for website design?Responsive Web Design.nnResponsive Web DesignnnI?ve spoken about the benefits of a well-designed website in a recent blog post, but mobile is here to stay, so it?s high time your website design gives mobile users all the benefits and ease of use enjoyed by desktop users.  With rapidly changing mobile technologies and varying screen sizes it?s difficult to come up with a one-size-fits-all strategy.  Welcome to the new gold standard in web design, responsive web design.nn nnAccording to, ?Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience?easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling?across a wide range of devices from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones.?nnGoogle has been singing the praises of RWD and recommends businesses utilize responsive web design when possible.  Here are 3 big benefits of Responsive Website Design:nn1. Create a seamless user experiencennHelp promote a consistent brand identity and a seamless user experience.  Studies have shown that many people begin the shopping experience on a smartphone and convert on another device at home.  Make this transition seamless, and surely you?ll see more conversions.nn2. Help Google Help YounnFrom Google?s Developer?s guide:  ??a single URL for the content helps Google?s algorithms assign the indexing properties for the content.?  Additionally, Google states that responsive web design pages create web-crawling efficiency that can help Google index more of your site?s content.nn3. Serve content faster and betternnEnsure your content is served at the appropriate size and resolution no matter what device is used.  This will enable users to view your content as it was meant to be viewed and can decrease load times versus traditional designs involving redirects.nnHopefully I?ve convinced you to prepare your business for the increasingly active mobile shopping segment and consider investing in responsive website design in 2014!    If you would like more website design or digital marketing advice in the Katy area and Houston, please Contact James R. Alexander at WSI Digital Marketing today.nn