Things are constantly changing in digital marketing, thank you very much.  So, what?s HOT in digital marketing this month?  Here are some of the hottest topics in digital marketing today.  I have some great, enlightening topics ? let?s jump right in.nnWhat?s hot in Mobile?nnLet?s face it?mobile is what?s hot in digital marketing!  In case you?ve been sleeping for a few weeks, iPhone 6 and Apple?s phablet version, iPhone 6 Plus are hitting the market, Galaxy Note 4 is coming soon, and rumors of Galaxy S6 and Nexus 9 are already swirling.  And, Microsoft-Nokia is rising up from the dull drums.  If you read my last blog post, More Mobile Marketing Stats, Tips And Strategies For Success you?re already familiar with the popularity of mobile and the need for a mobile marketing plan for your business.  So, how much are other businesses investing in mobile marketing?  The latest stats are in from Adobe Digital Index?s 2014 Mobile Benchmark Report.  There?s a lot to be written. But, here?s a quote that sums it up well:nn?On average, mobile marketers spend $5.5 millionper year on mobile apps and $4.9 millionon mobile Web sites. These major investments show that many organizations are no longer treating mobile as an experiment or test, and more view it as a set of channels for engaging and monetizing a customer relationship.?nnWhat?s hot in Social Media Marketing?nnTumblr is what?s hot in social media marketing according to Adobe Digital Index?s 2014 Mobile Benchmark Report.   Adobe research found, in Q2 of 2014, Tumblr beat out other platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest in Revenue Per Visit (RPV)for social referred visits to retail site in both tablet and smartphone device categories.nnadobe digital indexWith conversion power like this, clearly, this once neglected platform deserves some attention!nnWhat?s Hot In Content Marketing? nnIn a surprising move, Google has abandoned its Authorship program just like that!  After years of promoting the Authorship program, and encouraging all writers to use the markup, Google announced in August that it will stop featuring authorship results in their search results pages and that it will no longer track data associated with the rel=author markup.  Why, you might ask?  According to Google?s John Muller, ?If you?re curious — in our tests, removing authorship generally does not seem to reduce traffic to sites. Nor does it increase clicks on ads. We make these kinds of changes to improve our users? experience.?nnI hope you?ve enjoyed these digital marketing hot topics for September. Hopefully, they will encourage you to take a look at your digital marketing strategies to see what adjustments may be necessary to keep your business competitive.  If you would like more advice on mobile marketing, social media marketing, content marketing or other digital marketing strategies, please Contact Us for expert advice.