You should be impressed with statements that can be supported by factual numbers.  In the business world, speculation, guessing, fuzzy understanding can often be very costly, even to the extent of destroying a business.  Here’s a motto I have adapted from NASA:  “In God We Trust, All Others Bring Data!”.  You should understand that getting a Return On Investment (ROI) for business expenditures is very important to a company for the profitability and longevity of a business.  Revenue is definitely important. But, except for the numbers that go into determining ROI, there is no other number that has as much of an impact on business profitability and success.nnIt is apparent that mobile and social are changing not just digital marketing, but marketing in general like nothing before.  Is there ROI in social?  If so, how do you calculate it?  You need data to run a successful business, right?  ROI is not “anti-social”. Yet, calculating ROI for social media may not be as direct as with other forms of marketing.  It’s like tracking a shadow instead of the real item; and comparing to other forms of marketing. You can get the picture by watching this short video by Socialnomics, produced by Erik Qualman.nn