We all want to know if we are getting return on the money we spend for digital marketing, online or offline. As a business, you make choices in expenditures.  You naturally want to know if there is a return on your investment, ROI, for expenditures you are making. If it?s not good, you can put that money to better use elsewhere.For businesses engaged in digital marketing, ROI or ROIM (Return On Investment in Marketing) is the number to have and understand. Right?nnTo truly determine this number, another number is essential for healthcare offices, professional offices and business in general. This number is the percentage of potential customers contacting the business that become customers; or, perform you goal action such as sign up for a course. This is the number you need to have good knowledge of and track well.nnIf your digital marketing is not doing as well as you expect, understanding this number will give you insights into where focus is needed to make your marketing expenditures more successful. You may be blaming your marketing person for failure of the marketing expenditures in producing new customers when there may be problems internal to your office; or, your process for handling new inquiries, telephone calls, contact forms, requests for information. Do you have a good process for handling phone calls generated by your marketing dollar? Is it warm, friendly and engaging? Is your contact-form process designed to convert to customers the potential customers that may contact you? For example, your site visitors could be increasing as your marketing efforts are generating more and more site visitors, phone calls and contact forms. Yet, your marketing efforts may not be producing the ROIM that encourages you about your investment in digital marketing. In fact, you may be convinced that the marketing effort is a waste of dollars.nnJohn Wanamaker is quoted many times for saying, ?Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.? Tracking and having excellent analytics for your digital marketing is essential. Analytics is one of the marketer?s most valuable tools as it holds together the marketer?s strategies, exposes hidden facts and paints the picture of their strengths and weaknesses. From analytics, a good marketing person can typically, determine how, why, visitor location of a contact for your business; and, relate this to the strategies that got him there. From analytics, a good marketing person can expose problems in the strategies. But, your marketing may not be doing as well as expected for a business process reason. In this case, the process for handling contacts could be diminishing the true effectiveness of your marketing, reducing the ROIM.nnKnow well and understand the percentage of people who contact you that become customers. It gives marketing people a handle to increase the quality of your contacts. It gives your business a handle for improving your process for converting contacts into customers. It gives both a handle to clearly calculate a robust ROIM.nnExpert WSI eMarketing