If you read my last blog, you have seen the proof behind the statement that mobile marketing is HOT in 2014.  Well, it will continue to be a dominating factor in digital marketing for the foreseeable future.  Mobile devices have become a necessity these days and a huge range of people of all ages from 10 to 100 have a mobile device within arms reach 24 hours a day.  In fact, according to Morgan Stanley, 91% of adults keep their smartphones within arm?s reach.nnToday, people are using their mobile devices to do everything: from opening and responding to emails, to searching for goods and services, to reading online reviews and completing purchases.  In June of 2013, mobile devices accounted for 55% of time spent with e-retail! (source: ComScore)It?s pretty obvious that mobile marketing is HOT in 2014.  Here are some of my best tips and strategies to heat up your mobile marketing for the last quarter of 2014.nnMobile Shopping AppsnnDesign For MobilennYou?ve got to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly.  I am amazed by the number of sites that do not display properly on mobile devices, that do not have click to call, that do not make it easy for a customer to convert on their mobile device.  As a business owner, have you bothered to check how your blog or website loads and appears on mobile devices?  You should?one study has shown that 64% of smartphone users expect sites to load in 4 seconds or less. (source: SocialMediaExaminer.com)nnThere is one simple answer here?responsive design.  Responsive design delivers content seamlessly to your customers no matter whether they are on a smartphone, tablet or desktop.  Responsive design is the gold standard in website design these days and every business should be aware of the fact that responsive design can help their bottom line.nnGet SubscribersnnOnce you?ve got a customer, give them a reason to subscribe to your MMS/SMS program or download your mobile app.  Use QR codes on receipts, promotional materials, and ask for opt-ins at shows and events.  Mobile apps can be a great way for brands to promote brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, cross-sell an increase conversions. Get creative with your offers and promote your programson social media, and entice them to opt-in with ?exclusive? offers and discounts.nnGive Them An Offer They Can?t RefusennNow that you have a mobile-friendly site and your customers can easily find your content on their mobile device, shop and convert effortlessly, your next move is to give them an incentive.  Studies have shown that coupons sent via mobile have 10 times higher redemption rate than paper coupons. (Source: GoMobileBook.com)Don?t forget about location-based marketing for your subscribers too.   Sending coupons and push notifications based on a customer?s location can be very effective.nnI hope this August series on mobile marketing has inspired you to ramp up your mobile marketing efforts in the final quarter of 2014.  I can?t emphasize enough how important this shift to mobile is to businesses.  I can assure you any extra investments you make in your mobile marketing strategies today will pay off in this calendar year and next.  If you would like more advice on mobile marketing or other digital marketing strategies, pleaseContact Usfor expert advice.