If you are content that your business is chirping along, surviving, paying the bills for you and yours, you need a wakeup call. WAKE UP! Why are you in business? Why are you doing what you are doing? If your goal is to just pay the bills, are you OK? I submit that looking backward you may be OK.  But, looking forward you?re not OK. Most of us are not such that we want to go ?pedal to the metal? all of the time to get the most we can out of all our money making opportunities. But, we enjoy having that option; going for it when the timing is right. The thing about being in a position of paying the bills, generating enough to keep going is that it can generate complacency. And, complacency can be the death knell of a business. I have a friend that has a ?comfortable? business. He has what an onlooker would call a good business. He has a good customer base. He has been able to keep payroll, pay the bills, keep going for over five years now. Growth is not really a part of his thoughts anymore. His interest in generating new customers has waned. The fresh ideas that would get the attention of those who do not know him have diminished and all but disappeared. ?We are doing good?, he would say. ?We are surviving.? What he doesn?t say is ?through all of ups and downs, changes in the economy, changes in technology, market demand shifts and competition, we have done well.? It?s a different way of thinking.nnWhy am I concerned for this friend? I am concerned because just surviving in business can generate complacency. It makes your sword dull when it is needed to cut though the challenges and changes in everyday business. Have you heard, ?stay on your toes, for this will change??. It applies here. I believe you have to always look for better in your business. I believe that business by its nature changes and a lot of times in ways we can?t anticipate. Think about the ?digital disruption? and other innovations that have happened to companies like XEROX, EASTMAN KODAK, BLOCKBUSTER, POLAROID, BOOKS-A-MILLION and many, many others. OK. My friend?s business is not that large. But, my friend?s business has a lot more to lose by not maintaining that constant quest for better, being observant of the marketplace, the competition; and, being competitive with the market leaders; even becoming a market leader.nnIf you are looking for a metric to watch in the day to day that will let you know that a different action is needed to ensure your business ?survives?, here it is: as a business, steady growth will help you survive. Steady business may not. I have seen that going for it ?when the time is right? may not present itself. In fact, it may present itself. But, it may be too late. The time may never be right. If you don?t have time to think about growing, how the market is shifting or what the competition is doing. You may not have to worry about it long. Your business could go the way of Blockbuster, Motorola?s cell phone division. This is why I love the business I am in. It is the business of helping companies to grow steadily. It is the business of monitoring the competitors and innovation for action. It is the business of increasing awareness of the brand. It is the business of creating market leaders while not having that as a central goal. It is the business of keeping businesses in business, no matter their size. It is marketing. It is digital marketing?. and I love it.nnExpert WSI eMarketing